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So Far So Good!

I love the light scent. It does not irritate my skin. I really Iike the container as well. I don't have to use my fingers to apply it. Nice amount of product. I only use during the evenings for now. Keeps me fresh.

Get for odor control

Great natural deodorant with a great scent.

Love it!

I love the smell of this deoderant and it lasts all day!

Great but leaves oil stains

Works very well. No smell but it leaves oil stains on all of your clothes so it is not very usable.

Works well and wonderful scent

Works great!

The only natural deodorant I’ve found that actually works. The scent is amazing

Works great

Smells and works great. I gave 3 stars because this is my 3rd stick and I didn't have any issues with the first 2, but now it is giving me irritation under my arms.

Works great

One of the best natural deodorants I have tried.

Great base product

I ordered this by accident thinking it was the patchouli vanilla … :(
Tried it and didn’t like the scent .

Light scent

I rather liked this deodorant… at first I believe I wash using too much 😂. Light smear and good to go. Keeps me dry and stink free.

Amazing deodorant!

The smell is wonderful and it's natural ingredients help keep me fresh all day.

Vanilla + Sweet Patchouli Deodorant 3 oz

Finally - a natural deodorant that really works!

I am so happy with this deodorant! After trying almost all of the other popular brands, I took a chance on Muse - and it works!!! Keeps me dry and odor free and it doesn't irritate my underarm area. Will definitely keep buying.

Coconut + Adriatic Fig Deodorant 3 oz

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Maria Finley
A natural deodorant that actually works!

This deodorant does exactly what it says it’s going to do without ingredients that will harm our bodies. Definitely works! I’ve done several workouts with this on and I didn’t smell like a sweaty BO mess afterwards.

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
Wendy Glenn

Very nice deordorant I bought the lavender and it keep me dry all dry

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
Destiny Ruiz
Love it!!

It's so natural. It's the best deodorant I've ever tried. I'm definitely going to replace my usual one for this :)

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Tammy Spell

Light a refreshing scent

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
Great Product!!!

I love this deodorant and its hands down for me , one of the best natural deodorants on the market.The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the baking soda in it. Im allergic to baking soda .But other then that this deodorant is one of the best!!!.

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Adela Shiro
I feel so safe with Muse Deodorant

I love this, everything. The scent is smooth and fresh, I feel clean and safe. Dry all the time. Love the shape.

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Valerie Nelson

Have tried for 3 days. Am really liking it so far!

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Andrea Harvey
Smells amazing!

Works great and keeps me smelling good all day long!

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
Gigi Torrico

I like the smell and the ingredients however is too messy when I apply it

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
Lori Thomas

I have tried several brands and this one checks off all the boxes. The scent is wonderful (Coconut) and it works whereas others aluminum free ones wear kee mid day. No reactions either, which is a huge plus! It
does go on a tad thick, but quickly absorbs. I will continue to use this brand ~ try the sample as it’s a large sample and only $5/shipping (well worth it)!

Free Muse Deodorant Sampler
It does work

Baking soda caused irritation. Easier to apply if it wasn’t round. Does smell good and works.